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For your convenience a summary of the important notices have been provided for any and all who may find there way to this website.

  1. GENERAL DECLARATION OF RIGHTS: All rights are reserved. (Review the Terms and Conditions section on Intellectual Property for more detail.)
  2. COMMENTING POLICY: Please keep discussions civil. Comments that have nothing to do with the post in question may be moderated. Repeated abuse will result in banning from the site. Ultimately, I reserve the right as site owner to block or ban anyone for whatever reason I want.
  3. IMAGE COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: Every effort has been made to find and use royalty-free images. No infringement of copyright is intended by the use of any image found on this site. All photographs on this blog were taken from the internet unless otherwise noted. If you are the copyright owner of an image and desire for the image(s) to be removed please send a request, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, for removal through the Contact Us form.

More Technical Legal Stuff

For information related to how Jeremiah’s Vow handles various areas of concern regarding privacy and usage of material found on this website please consult the appropriate document below.

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