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Jeremiah’s Vow exists to clearly and faithfully proclaim the Gospel of Jesus and challenge believers to live according to its implications. While we believe there are many faithfully proclaiming the wonderful truth of Jesus Christ, we will strive to clarify for this generation how this Gospel is to be practiced. There are many of the realities of the Christian faith that make us uncomfortable, or even make those around us squeamish. Regardless of the reason, the Christian must be faithful to what God has said. The world does not need more friends, it needs a more consistent witness of God’s character.

The challenges of this world are growing more diverse, nuanced, and complex. For those of us who claim to be disciples of Jesus Christ, we must strive more diligently and work more intentionally to demonstrate the effects of God’s grace upon our lives. In a world that seems to become increasingly gray, we must seek to live (with the help of the Holy Spirit) the clear truths of God’s word.

Some may call this naive. Others may even question the wisdom of this approach. In either case I will hold onto the promise that it is to child-like faith that the kingdom will be given and that it is in the foolishness of preaching the Gospel that the wise of this world are confounded.

Thank you for you visiting Jeremiah’s Vow and we look forward to dialoguing with you on our site.

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