Our Mission

Equipping every follower of Christ to Live out
the Implications of the Gospel.

We exist to provide the Church with Gospel-centered resources to help very Christian believer on their discipleship journey, in their personal bible study, and toward sustained spiritual health.

Here at Jeremiah’s Vow, we are guided by the conviction that the Gospel is the central reality of the Christian life and experience. This underlying principle found expression in an insight learned over a weekend retreat in the winter of 2008.

The Gospel of Jesus is not merely the doorway into the Christian life. The Gospel IS the Christian life.

As a result, this conviction took form in the following three statements. These statements capture the deepening of conviction and the growing understanding we desire to foster as pilgrims on our journey with God.

Know the Gospel

To Know the Gospel means understanding the content of the Gospel. The first step in living a Gospel-centered life is becoming an expert in the message of the Gospel.

Love the Gospel

To Love the Gospel means moving the Gospel from the head to the heart. Before we can live the Gospel consistently we have to embrace it convictionally. We must mean what we profess.

Live the Gospel

To Live the Gospel means that what we know and embrace is now a part of our lives. We have been changed and are seeking to deepen what we now know and love.

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