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Carrie Underwood | “Temporary Home”

I have always found music to be such an interesting medium for communication.  In the span of 3 to 4 minutes so much can be said.  The combination of words and images, the symbols, comparisons and illusions all helping to tell a story.  Then you add the musical component and you have something that will bring together the mind and the heart, sometimes in ways that can’t be explained.

I recently came across this song by Carrie Underwood that speaks to the temporary nature of life on this globe.  One of the realities of life is that there will be times when we think we have it all figured out.  We put off the wonder of living for the hope of life.  We must never forget the unchanging truth that there will come a day of reckoning.  We will be confronted with our own mortality.  The sooner we face this truth the more likely we will be to make the necessary changes to look not just death, but also ourselves in the face and find that living happens right now.  Life is not something that waits.  It flows like raging rivers past us.  Yes, there are moments to get to the banks and enjoy the sun, but don’t tarry too long or you will find time spent doing things that satisfy for a moment rather than sustain us during our entire lives, especially the difficult times.

“This is my temporary Home
It’s not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I’m passin’ through
This was just a stop,on the way to where I’m going
I’m not afraid because I know this was
My temporary home.”

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I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, husband, father, and author. I am an avid Cubs fan and a lover of Chicago-style Deep Dish pizza.

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