A Wesleyan Moment

A Wesleyan Moment | What is Prevenient Grace?

One of the distinctive contributions of John Wesley to the Christian world was a clearer understanding of what God was doing in the lives of all people. Wesley understood God’s grace to function in three distinct “movements” in a person’s life. The first movement is understood as being “Prevenient.” Historically, this was also called God’s preventing grace. The essential reality is that even before a person knew or understood or even desired God’s grace, God was at work in a person’s life preparing the way for them to hear and know Jesus Christ. (Look at Ephesians 1:4 and 1 Peter 1:20 for examples of this.) So what does this mean for you, the Christian, and for those who are not yet believers? It means that God is always at work. When you want Him and when you don’t. When you need Him and when you think you won’t. As we grow in our knowledge of what God is doing, our confidence in His love grows as well. What’s the bottom line?


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