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Parents… Talk To Your Kids About Sex

An interesting reality check. I came across these statistics and was more than a little surprised. One of the fundamental roles that a parent has is in helping their child or children develop healthy sexual lives. If you have kids that can be such a daunting idea.

A 2011 study revealed a surprising source for teenagers to learn about sexuality—their parents. Here are some of the results of the research:

  • 45 percent of teenagers rely most heavily on their parents for information about sexuality.
  • 32 percent of those surveyed relied on guidance from friends.
  • 15 percent relied on what celebrities thought about sexuality.

The study also revealed another interesting statistic: 78 percent of parents assumed that their teenagers would turn to other sources (besides parents) for advice about sexual issues. Based on these statistics, the study’s lead researcher concluded, “Parents are more important than they think. It’s the role of the teen to be autonomous and turn away, but it is the role of the parent to remain a role model.”

If you have kids it can be such a daunting idea to have these conversations. But, what do we want our young people to know? The more we communicate the clearer the message. We should not be so naive as to think that we are not communicating, especially on this subject. Having two daughters does not make this subject all that much easier. What I have been resolving within myself is that, as a family, this should not be a “private” matter. Something to be discovered and learned about by accident. I am not completely sure how it will all play out, but I am thinking about it and working to be prepared.

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