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What if?

“What if?” is a phrase that has been said time and time again. This phrase can create a number of emotions within a person. This phrase can also create a number of scenarios or fantasies inside the mind of a person. But more often than not these fantasies never occur. Other times “what if” can refer to the past and the wanting to change the circumstances of events that have occurred throughout a person’s life. I think every person is guilty of using this phrase. We so often use this phrase out of a discontentment and dissatisfaction for our lives or even more so the desire and want to change parts of our lives that we do not like or are even disappointed with. We become so discontent with our lives we can catch ourselves saying things like, “Well, what if I had,” or, “What if I did,” or, “What if this happened?” This happens very often for people but in reality, there is not much that we can actually do to control life’s everyday circumstances and events. But don’t we so often try?

As followers of Christ, when we say “what if?” what does this say about us and our faith? It’s so easy to lose sight of the intentions that God has for our lives. The world will often bring us to a point in which it tells us we need to be more, or we need to be different than what we currently are. But “what if” I told you that exactly where you are now and exactly what is going on in your life right now is what God intended? What often times will surprise us has never once surprised God. When we want more for ourselves than what we have been given we are saying, “God, you haven’t done enough.” Can you imagine that? Looking at God and telling Him that even though He has done so much for us, we just need a little bit more, or telling Him that something should have worked out differently than what He planned.

Contentment in Christ is where we should strive to be. Content in the timing that God has for our lives. His timing is so perfect that it cannot be understood nor fathomed. Every breath we have is perfectly timed, every step we take is perfectly timed. The people that come in and out of our lives are perfectly timed. All of this timing working toward the plan God has envisioned for the lives of His children. God knows our heart’s desires. He knows our wants and, more importantly, He knows and understands our needs. When life is chaotic or maybe you are at times confused with what is going on, find peace knowing that God has never had to ask “What if?”

Our God is not a God of “What ifs?”. Our God is a God of “I know.” He is a God that you can trust. He is a God that has a plan. He is a God that has perfect timing. He is a God that continues to give and work in our lives even as we doubt Him. Peace comes in knowing that God has always had a plan that is for your good. So, I leave you with this…

“What if” you let it all go and just trusted the plan and timing of such a great Father and God that we have?

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