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Blake Shelton | Savior’s Shadow

As a fan of country music, it’s always good to hear songs that have unmistakable Christian themes.

Blake Shelton just released a new song called “Savior’s Shadow,” and it’s officially his first tune written specifically for Christian radio. Blake explained that the inspiration for the song came from a dream about God that assured him everything was going to be all right amidst a very rough time in his life. [Source]

I’m standing in my Savior’s shadow
He is watching over me
I feel the rain, I hear the thunder
As he cries for me

I’m standing in my Savior’s shadow
Grace will lead to where I’m free
I take his hand, we walk together
And his light shines on me

Though the devil try to break me
My sweet Jesus won’t forsake me
When I’m in my Savior’s shadow
Where I’m supposed to be

I’m standing in my Savior’s shadow
Following his footsteps there
Every mountain, every ocean
He hears my every prayer

*** Blake Shelton – Savior’s Shadow Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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