Rodney Bradford | “You Need to Plan to Pray”

This is not the official title of the message. But it is a critical truth shared in it.

This is one of the most convicting and sincere sermons I have ever heard on the subject of prayer. There are two reasons I commend this sermon to you. First, I know Rodney. He is a good friend and he is one of the godliest men I know. And, I have some knowledge of the issues he references, and because of this, I know that Rodney means what he is saying because he is living it out. There are few things that make a sermon more powerful than knowing that the one preaching is preaching from the experiences of their own journey. This is the case here.

Second, I was convicted by this sermon. I need to take the truth shared in this message and do it. Therefore, I put it here so that I can find it again later and listen again to the truth Rodney shared. The following words were particularly convicting.

“It seems very apparent that a true follower of Jesus desires to pray. … If you are thinking this morning, ‘I want a deeper, more satisfying prayer life,’ that’s the work of God. That’s God at work in you to desire something, that in the flesh, you just naturally wouldn’t want. Because as men and women of flesh we want to do it on our own. We want to be sufficient. And yet a disciples’ understand that he or she is dependent.”

Yeah. I need to remind myself of the fact that I am dependent on God and that is both OK and a good thing. It is something to be rejoiced over. Not regretted.

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