5 Reasons the Next President will Disappoint You

I don’t normally write about politics. There are several reasons. One, I am not a fan of politics in general. Two, it usually starts more arguments than useful conversation. Third, I have better things to write about. But, as I was sitting in my office and thinking about the upcoming election I realized something.

As I read the news, keep up with friends on social media, and think about the whole shebang this year, this thought came to my mind: It doesn’t matter who wins, I think everyone will be disappointed by that person.

Here are my 5 reasons the next president will disappoint you.

5. S/He can’t keep every promise they made during the campaign.

It is simply not possible for the next president to accomplish every promise they make to voters. The nature of the political process and the people who make up that process will not allow it. What’s more is there just isn’t enough time. Even if the next president serves two terms, it would not be enough to go down every item on the promise list.

Candidates make a lot of promises to attract the most possible people. The reality is that every single person has their own reasons for voting (or not voting, as the case may be). So, if your reason for voting, the promise that really strikes a chord with you, isn’t fulfilled you will be disappointed.

4. S/He will do something that you don’t like… even if you voted for them.

We are talking about politicians here. We are talking about people who make a living making deals to “get things done.” What this means is that, from time to time, votes will be cast and legislation will be decided on because it will advance the current agenda or pet issue.

Not only that but if we think that anyone can’t change their mind when the information available changes or the triangulation suits them, then we have to check our reality-meter. Presidents are people too. Just because they were elected to run the nation does not mean that they can’t change their mind. This happens all the time, especially in politics where opinions and positions are changed more often than… well just picture your favorite analogy where things get changed a lot.

3. S/He is a wretched sinner like the rest of us.

It does not matter how awesome you think your favorite candidate is, they are a wretched sinner like the rest of us. They are not smarter, wiser, more capable because of their experience or lack thereof. Personally, I have a hard time trusting anybody who wants to be president. That is a lot of power for one person and any person who seeks that scares me a little bit.

What’s more, when we vote, we are trusting one of us to make some pretty important decisions. It doesn’t matter how much faith they have or don’t, how well or poorly they articulate what they believe, or even if they care about such things. The unchanging reality for me as a Christian is that a sinner will sin even if they have been forgiven. When we put too much faith in a person who is as flawed as we are individually, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

2. S/He cannot forgive sin.

Just because the next president has some good ideas for what to do for the country and its citizens, the one thing we all need they cannot provide. I am a sinner, but they cannot forgive that. They can pardon a crime, reduce a debt, and even give me money through a program. But, in spite of all they are able to do, they cannot remove the stain of sin from my soul. They cannot promise me eternal life and joy unending.

The president is not a savior. They do not have any special insight about the human condition and they certainly are not endowed with special powers when they are sworn into office. I don’t know if you know this, but presidents have to put their britches on one leg at a time as well.

We must be very careful how much hope and faith we place in the holder of the office of President of the United States.

1. S/He is not Jesus.

The final reason we will be disappointed, at least as Christians, is that they are not Jesus. Only Jesus can perfectly and righteously rule our lives. Until Jesus is elected president, I will not put much hope in the person who holds that office to change my spiritual destiny.

The older I get the more I realize that this is the only thing I should be concerning myself with–that Jesus would reign in my life. I want to eat and provide for my family. But, if I am waiting for some politician to offer me the peace of mind and heart that only God affords, I will be waiting a very long time. There is no chance that it will ever happen… you know, like a snowballs chance in… that other place.

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I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, husband, father, and author. I am an avid Cubs fan and a lover of Chicago-style Deep Dish pizza.

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