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My friend Drew Anderson, a contributor to Jeremiah’s Vow, and I have started the Jesus Took Naps Podcast. A podcast that looks at the remarkably ordinary life of Jesus. We will look at how Jesus’s life can teach us how to live ours today.

Click on the image and go to the podcast site. You will be able to listen on a variety of podcast platforms.

The Jesus Took Naps Podcast. A Remarkably Ordinary Podcast

We will be discussing the remarkably ordinary life of Jesus Christ. This is a concept we have been mulling over and discussing for some time. What we have discovered is that in our own lives we have missed the simplicity of who Jesus was and what Jesus did. Our hope is to recapture some of that.

There is so much about Jesus and his earthly life that looked like everyone else around them. But, we too often dismiss this or simply don’t pay attention to it. Our lives have become busier than we have time for. More congested than we have the capacity to manage. And we have become more concerned with short-term achievements and lost sight of long-term realities.

On the Jesus Took Naps Podcast, we want to change that. We will talk about the simple realities of living a life of faith as well as the practical challenges of living in the world.

We want to invite you to join us as we talk, think, pray, and consider what it means to live a remarkably ordinary life. Just like Jesus did!

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I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, husband, father, and author. I am an avid Cubs fan and a lover of Chicago-style Deep Dish pizza.

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