Lent 2023 | Day 13: The Gospel’s Challenge, Pt 2

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The challenge we looked at yesterday was related to the internal confrontation the Gospel creates. Until and unless we accept the Gospel’s definition of reality regarding our sins, we will struggle to enjoy God’s promises.

The other challenge the Gospel offers is one related to action. To put it another way, this challenge is offered on the other side of salvation. Once we have accepted the work of Jesus for our sins, we are exposed to the mission the Gospel points to.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, he left instructions with his disciples. He told them to go into the whole world teaching whomever they found to obey Jesus’s commandments. These are simple instructions. However, they would require unwavering devotion to the message of redemption.

In the Gospel, there is built into it the expectation of growth. Like all seeds, the plant is hidden within it. And until it is planted, nothing will come of it.

The continued expansion of the kingdom of God requires our consistent proclamation of the Gospel. This does not mean everyone will become a preacher, evangelist, or teacher. At least not in a vocational sense. But everyone who has believed the Gospel has a duty to find ways of communicating what they have received with others.

We are all called to serve in the kingdom. And because we all are beneficiaries of the grace of God, we should cultivate the skills to share what we have received.

Now, I know that this sounds like too much to ask. But, it really isn’t. There are as many ways to communicate the Gospel as there are people in the world. Each of us has a unique life from which we can find a connection with others. We don’t all have to say the same words to be faithful heralds of the same message.

For too long, the responsibility of every believer to build up the courage to share their story of faith has been missed. At almost every turn, Jesus told the people he healed or ministered to not to say to others. But, the impact of what Jesus did was so great, most people ignored Jesus and shared about him anyway.

Consider what God has done for you. Think deeply about what it means to have been saved from a life of sin and restored to fellowship with God. If that is not enough motivation to at least share it with one other person, what are we really saying about the Gospel? About God and our salvation? About Jesus?

My purpose today is not to shame anyone. It is however a reminder that what God has done cannot be repaid. God has never and will never ask for that. So, framing this challenge in that way is neither fair nor appropriate.

We should be convicted about our role to participate in sharing the Gospel. Not in some legalistic way. But rather as an expression of our love and appreciation for what God has done for us. And what he is doing within us.

This is the Gospel’s other challenge. That we would do what Jesus said would be the task of all who claim his name.

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