Lent 2023 | Day 24: The Gospel’s Quality

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, we have hinted at this next aspect of the Gospel. In a lot of ways, this reality of the Gospel is what makes all the other considerations we are making even possible.

Today we will look at the Gospel’s quality.

What do I mean by quality? I mean the very nature of the message that makes it possible for us to understand and believe it. What is it about the way the Gospel is constructed and presented that it gives so many people the opportunity to believe?

The Gospel’s essential quality is that it is a simple message. The Gospel has some very deep and theological foundations, but none of those need to be known in order to understand what it is asking. When we look at the Gospel’s focus we can see why it is simple.

The Gospel is not trying to answer every question we might have. It provides an answer to one question.

The Gospel is not trying to answer every problem being experienced in the world. It points to THE problem faced by all people and offers that solution to it.

The Gospel is not trying to answer every reason to be skeptical about God and God’s motives. It declares that God has entered the human experience and provided a path to reconciliation with Him.

The Gospel is focused and simple. And these and all the other facets we have been discussing give the Gospel its particular quality.

To put it another way, the Gospel is a perfect message. It communicates the minimum required for it to be effective to its purpose. But it also opens the door to the depths of truth and insight about the one who sent the message to us.

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