Lent 2023 | Day 37: The Gospel’s Foundation

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When we think about the Gospel, what is it that gives the Gospel its power and authority? To put it a slightly different way, upon what basis does the Gospel offer to the promises of redemption and salvation?

The Gospel’s foundation is an important aspect of the conversation. If we do not fully understand what the Gospel is built upon, we may find ourselves questioning what we have believed. We can struggle with our understanding of what God has said. We can struggle with whether or not we living up to what we have been taught God has commanded. But if our questioning is about God Himself, we have a more fundamental issue.

The Gospel’s foundation is God’s character. Can we trust the one who initiated the message of the Gospel? Can we believe what He has said about Himself? What He has said about us? 

When we call God’s character into question, the Gospel has nothing to stand on. The foundation of the Gospel’s power is that it’s rooted in the goodness, grace, and mercy of God. To take it a step forward, God’s immutability is essential to our confidence. 

To know that God will not fail is to no longer have to worry about when we inevitably will.

God, speaking through the prophet Malachi, said, “For I am the LORD, I change not…” (Malachi 3:6 KJV)

There is no need to fear erosion, decay, or instability in God. God does not change. 

God will never falter in doing justice. 
God will never get fatigued in showing mercy. 
God will never fail to accomplish his promises. 
God will never fear the enemy of our souls. 
God will never forsake those who have trusted in him.
God will never forget what He has promised to do.

God is the God who does not change.

He is true to his word because he is true to himself.
He is confident in his ability because he is the creator of all things.
He can make promises because he is the one who produced all that is seen and unseen.

This is the Gospel’s foundation. This is what the Gospel was constructed on. And because of this foundation, we can find hope when it seems lost. We can seek peace when it feels fleeting. We can enjoy love when we think ourselves unlovely.

This is the Gospel’s foundation. God and God alone.

This is the Gospel’s foundation. The character of an unchanging God. For without it, the Gospel becomes an empty promise and a false hope. 

But we are not those who have no hope. We can rejoice in singing that old hymn:

Verse 1
My hope is built on nothing less
than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand:
all other ground is sinking sand;
all other ground is sinking sand.1

  1. https://hymnary.org/text/my_hope_is_built_on_nothing_less []

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