Lent 2023 | Day 38: The Gospel’s Accuracy

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In several of our previous reflections, we noticed the simplicity, clarity, and focus of the Gospel. Each of those facets of the Gospel is related, but are unique points to consider on their own. Today’s reflection is similar to these previous inquiries, but again, is worthy of its own consideration.

The Gospel’s Accuracy speaks to the issue the Gospel specifically targets. The Gospel speaks to and addresses THE issue that plagues humanity’s relationship with God. And what is that issue, it is that we cannot reach up to God. The reason we cannot is sin. But, the issue is that we simply could never rise to the heights where God dwells.

This is why the Gospel is needed. We need God to descend to us. And God did. 

When Jesus entered the created world, God became like the creature. God descends so that he might make a way for fallen men to ascend. It does not matter what we try and do, we cannot surmount the distance. It does not matter how hard we try, we cannot overcome the deficit. It doesn’t matter how much we learn, we cannot improve ourselves sufficiently to stand in God’s presence.

This is the issue. And the Gospel by its very declaration points to these shortfalls. And we, as its recipients have to decide if we will accept what the Gospel identifies. It does not matter if we like it. It does not matter if we wished it was different. 

The Gospel is accurate regarding what it addresses. If we will accept what it speaks to, the greater our ability to get in line with what God is doing in, with, and through the Gospel.

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